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How Does iCoinCash Make Money?

About 18 months ago, we discovered a huge market inefficiency in the cloud web hosting services industry that we managed to develop a system to turn a massive profit on the shortcomings and miscommunications within the On Demand Cloud Services sector.

Simply put, there were not enough web services being provided out there for the bigger & more popular businesses that make use of these services each and every day.

In brief, over the past 18 months we have painstakingly built a network of in demand web services & discounted providers that we are able to offer to highly visited websites & other technology businesses.

For example, the kind of web services we handle are on demand website hosting, remote database hosting & operations, SMTP & Email Delivery Services, on demand distributed computing, on demand data storage, data mining & scraping, and many more specialized services.

Here's the genius of our system and why we can pay you virtually unlimited passive income each and every day!

The beauty of our system is that we are able to pool our resources together and negotiate MASSIVE discounts on web services. We are able to resell these ON DEMAND by the hour for a huge profit.

For example, one of our customers websites starts experiencing a huge increase in people visiting it. They end up needing extra bandwidth & load balancing to prevent their website from going offline. We buy the bandwidth from one of our negotiated discounted service providers at $0.05 per gigabyte and resell it to them at $0.10 by the hour as they need it. As you can see, there is a huge differential in price between our customers rate and the actual cost to us.

It is from this differential that we generate our profit which we then pay directly to you. As you can easily see, this is real externally generated income and completely sustainable as well.

Here's where you as our Partner can help us....

In order for us to bid on more and more outsourced jobs, we need new partners like you to cover us with the initial expense of setting up the work. With new partners, we can expand and scale our already profitable web service operations!

This is why we decided to let the public in on our incredibly lucrative business model and develop an opportunity that benefits both partners and owners alike!

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You choose how much you wish to deposit with us & we'll pay you 2.5% EVERY day. We divide your payments up by the hour so you receive INSTANT & AUTOMATIC payments each hour. After you have your deposit made, we start fulfilling web service orders behind the scenes day and night on your behalf!

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